Find the right path for you:Pros and Cons of in-house and outsourced marketing

Why should you hire a marketing agency?

Pros and Cons of in-house and outsourced marketing

As a successful entrepreneur, you know your company and where it is heading better than anyone else. However, while you are an expert on your business, product and services, their marketing is a whole new ballgame. In the midst of everyday business, you wonder whether you should face the jungle of marketing trends or rather hand this task over to someone else.

With this idea in mind, you are considering several options:

      1. Establish your own marketing team.
      2. Hire a marketing agency.
      3. Decide for a combination of these options.

The good news: Whatever option you choose, each has its benefits and will power your marketing efforts. Hence, let’s take a look at the plus points and pitfalls these three options are offering.

In-house marketing department

As soon as you start marketing activities, you’ll need someone to take care of all the initiatives. Having your own marketing department offers several advantages:

    • Close relation: In-house marketers work with a high degree of identification with your company
    • You work on common ground with shared company know-how and insights.
    • On-site marketing allows for fast communication such as ad-hoc meetings and interactions with other departments.
    • All marketing projects are controlled in-house, the marketing know-how and all achievements stay within the company.

Some of these benefits, however, can also turn into pitfalls:

    • Marketers who are one of the team and know your product inside out, have a limited insider’s perspective and are more likely to neglect how a certain marketing activity is perceived by someone outside the company.
    • If all marketing activities are controlled by one person, there will be no one in charge in case of unplanned down-time.
    • Last but not least, in-house marketers are usually involved in many projects also outside true marketing issues. This often leaves insufficient time to explore in-depth marketing activities.

Hire a marketing agency

Teaming up with an expert partner offers you many advantages:

    • marketing experts with specific know-how in marketing
    • experience with marketing projects such as yours
    • a wide range of marketing skills (with several team members covering all kinds of areas, i. e. for graphics, online marketing, media, social media, marketing strategies)
    • an outside perspective – which is especially important since all your marketing activities are for people OUTSIDE your company.
    • professional equipment required for artwork and other marketing tasks
    • innovation in communication – marketing experts are creative by nature and always keep their finger on the pulse.

What about a combination of external and internal marketing?

A combination of in-house and outsourced marketing can be a very good solution, as you can benefit from both the internal know-how and the external expertise. To make this combination a successful one, boundaries must be clear right from the start in order to avoid distracting conflicts and rivalry of any kind. Prior detailed planning helps ensure a fruitful collaboration.

Whatever you decide on, we would like to support you.
We are a skilled team of marketing experts that can add to your in-house know-how and gives you the additional expertise you might need. In addition to that, we can give you a new perspective on your products, the market, and on marketing strategies from an outside perspective.

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